Naxcar Exclusive: High-End Solutions

Pricing & Leading Time

Pricing Carbon Fiber Parts & Accessories:

Some products don't show prices.
Don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.

We also offer to-your-door shipping, because every item needs to be Insured and Packed on their own with different costs and needs, we don't show shipping rates on the website. We can ship worldwide !
Please contact us before placing the order for a quote with your address.

=> We only deliver Premium, High-End Parts & Accessories, our parts keep stunning for years !
We only sell the Real Deal and never sell "Knock-offs" like the ones you will find on the internet at very cheap prizes from the Asian, unbranded market.

Leading Time Carbon Fiber Parts & Accessoires:

We get our parts only trough the Official Process by our suppliers.
Our Suppliers are located everywhere in the World.
That's the reason why we do have different Leading Times and are some parts faster available than others.
Mostly the Leading Times take a few days to 6 weeks. (Product specific)

We do have suppliers that work-on-demand, like Koshi.
They do have a standard Leading Time of 4 weeks.

We do our best to inform you product specific about the leading time in the info per product,
if it's not mentioned, please contact us for a quote.

Al our parts in stock are immidiately available. (Collecting at our address only after appointment.)