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Your GLASSSKINZ® Dealer in Europe !

We are happy to inform you that we at Naxcar bv, are your Authorized Dealer for GLASSSKINZ® Valances in Europe !
Glassskinz parts are in nothing like other brands. This are not just window louvers, but high quality -Top-Notch- PATENTED Valance,that fit your vehicle like a dream and gives the styling upgrade you've ever wanted.
Derived from digitally scanned CAD data for precise fit and maximum rearward vision.GLASSSKINZ® has a very sleek lean profile from the side with an aggressive ...

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Ragazzon Listing Update: September 2020

Since September, 1st, Ragazzon updated it's pricing and product listing.This is why almost all exhausts and parts by Ragazzon, listed on our webshop are now shown as "ask a quote"-products,and because of the excessive increase of products, we're not showing all Ragazzon parts anymore on our website.

As we try to keep our online shop as easy as possible for you to navigate, we from now on link you directly to the Ragazzon website to check all products. You can contact us with the wante...

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Prior-Design gives the Audi A7 Sportback C8 more Body

Audi S7 owners better beware...Prior-Design offers a WideBody kit for the A7 Sportback S-Line (C8) that can even make a standard 3.0L look like a Bad-Boy.
The Bodykit is made of Duraflex FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and is named PDA700.Including a front lip, air intake frames and front and rear fender widenings.
With this kit mounted you no longer have to drive an S- or RS-Version to stand out of the crowd.If you have that extra cash to get this Bodykit installed on your vehicle...

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The Tesla Model 3 Aero Volta by Vörsteiner

Vörsteiner's most recent vehicle program Electrifies and is called: "The Tesla Model 3 Aero Volta Program".

As always you can expect High-End Styling Parts from one of the World's finest carbon fiber Solution manufacturers.
What they did with this new program looks incredible and is yet very effectivefor the smallest of the modern Tesla-family.
All parts are constructed of the finest Autoclaved, Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fiber.Which provide superior stiffness, aerospace streng...

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