Naxcar Exclusive: High-End Solutions

Sport-, Performance- & Valve-Controlled Exhausts

We are Official Dealer of Performance, Sport en European-Approved Exhaust Systems,
we even got Automatic Valve Systems with EC(E) Approval.

We also offer our own ECE Naxcar Performance Exhausts for specific models !

All the exhausts are built specific to create the best sound with optimal performance boost.
Our systems that come with EC(E) Approval are uniquely designed to give an awesome sound and boost while it meets the dB-Law.

We are your Official Dealer of 2 Top Manufacturers within the world of Performance Exhausts.

NAP: The German Exhaust Manufacturer of Sport Exhausts, Downpipes & Active Automatic Valve Exhausts 
with EC(E)-Approval for Legal use in Europe. These exhausts are also Legal for use in the State of California.
NAP offers these exhausts for European, Asian and even American Vehicles.

Ragazzon, The Italian Sports Exhaust Manufacturer, that leads the pack in the production of High Class Sport Silencers. A key to the success of their silencers is their unmistakable sound, always within ECE type-approval directives. Even Valve-controlled (also with remote) exhausts are possible.
All Ragazzon products are made of different types of Stainless Steel:
304 (outside), 409 (inside) and sealed with T304 TIG Weldings, to ensure top resistance.
Top Quality, Highly Performing Sport Exhausts !

BORLA: The American Performance 'Excitement' Exhaust Manufacturer.
All the BORLA systems are backed with a 1.000.000-Mile Warranty !
Borla offers 3 Types of "Excitement Levels",:Touring, S-Type or ATAKĀ®.
3 Type for everyone, from Cruisers, over Sportive drivers and even Racers.
Borla offers these Exhaust Systems for mostly American brands, but also for Asian and European models.  .
EC-Approved systems are also available for slome American car models.

We can supply you all systems of these manufacturers.
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